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Nov, 04 2020
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SDIER Machinery offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by SDIER are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

Compared with our competitors, SDIER's equipment advantages are durability and reliability, while taking into account cost performance.

The solutions we provide have a wide range of material applicability and high production capacity, which have been widely proven all over the world.

We have a wealth of product information and customer cases, you are welcome to contact us to obtain them. We design plans and manufacturing equipment based on the types of materials. We cannot give a quotation online. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Cannabis waste disposal solutions: on-site shredder for

Cannabis waste shredders and granulating machines on the other hand are a much more practical and safer way to handle marijuana waste disposal. They are specifically designed to render and mince all parts of this organic waste. By choosing the product of an accredited manufacturer like Celitron, you gain access to an on-site solution that ... Full Plant Shredder for Compliant Waste Removal – Neo Full Plant Shredder for Compliant Waste Removal. Add to Wishlist. Call for Current Pricing and Lead Time. Add to Wishlist. Category: Shredders and Grinders Tags: Cannabis, fullplant, shredder. Description Additional Information Related. Related. Related products. Sale! 50L Rotovap, Chiller, and Pump $ 27,000.00 $ 26,400.00.

Incinerators for Cannabis Waste Disposal Compliance

Aug 21, 2019 · Some marijuana producers have used wood chippers or shredders to properly dispose of the marijuana waste. Similar to an incinerator, an industrial shredder for marijuana waste can handle both wet and dry waste (dry will burn faster than wet). One major setback for these cannabis destruction methods is that a wood chipper can take 1-2 days to ... Cannabis Waste Disposal Regulations | MedWaste Management May 31, 2018 · Cannabis waste, or Marijuana waste must be disposed of a place selling or growing cannabis is licensed, the licensees will need to comply with all applicable waste management laws including, but not limited to, Division 30 of the Public Resources Code. Click here to view the State Of California’s new rules and regulations regarding cannabis disposal ...


Mar 23, 2020 · Watch SUPER-SHRED 3 easily chew through tough marijuana or cannabis waste! It’s the most versatile “compact” industrial waste shredder for the disposal of a variety of industrial waste materials. Commercial Cannabis Shredder/Sifter for Prerolls – Neo 1,000 lb a hour hemp/cbd flower shredder-2mm sizing $ 22,500.00 $ 21,900.00 40m2/ 430.6 ft2 filter press for de-waxing and de-watering $ 19,800.00 $ 18,700.00 Featured Products


Plant Waste Shredder vs Professional Cannabis Waste Management Plant Waste Shredder. This generally isn’t the best option because: Human Resources. Most operations are running on the leaner side. Having personnel dedicated to operating a plant waste shredder ... Cannabis / Hemp Plant Shredders: Shred medicinal plants Hemp Cannabis Plant Waste Shredders efficiently shred Cannabis plants: flower/bud, plant stems, plant stalks (for bio mass), root balls and cannabis plant waste. The 1, 3, and 5 horsepower shredders are available in 1-phase power, while all other models require 3-phase.

Plant Muncher

Cannabis Waste Shredders or Grinders Plant Muncher Cannabis Waste Shredders or Grinders offered by High Yield Solutions Corp. are specifically engineered for the destruction of cannabis waste. All machines are manufactured in the US and are built to offer high torque and throughput with direct feeding of blending materials. JWC Environmental: Marijuana & Cannabis Plant Destruction Jan 26, 2017 · See how Monster Industrial Shredders shred cannabis plant waste easily and effectively to meet Marijuana Waste Disposal Regulations from California to Colora...

Solving the Cannabis Waste Problem

Micron’s Cannavore System is both a waste shredder, a microbial digester, and a water treatment system. The system has a 24-hour cycle time and, according to their website, is 35 percent more cost-effective than many current cannabis waste management solutions. $50 Plastic Shredder / Grinder / Recycler : 11 Steps (with $50 Plastic Shredder / Grinder / Recycler: Everyone in the DIY community and especially those who work with 3D printers, have one issue - plastic junk. It can be failed prints, project scrap leftovers, or maybe you are just looking for a way to shred ...

Cannabis Waste Shredders Meet Disposal Laws

Cannabis Waste Shredders to Meet State Disposal Laws. Do you comply with California cannabis laws, how about Colorado’s, or the numerous other states and provinces that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana? JWC Environmental plays an integral part in making sure you comply with cannabis waste disposal regulations in any state. Shredders - Cannabis Harvesting Solutions The MJ21003 and MJ21005 shredders are the go to option processing cannabis branches, stems, and leaves. With a 12” x 12” cutting chamber in a compact design, these high torque, low speed workhorses will shred through plant waste quickly and efficiently. The MJ2003 model pushes out 3 horsepower while the MJ21005 clocks in at 5 horsepower.

Cannabis Waste Shredder

Nov 06, 2019 ·® shredders provide a complete shredding solution for cannabis plant waste, medical pla... Cannabis & Hemp Waste Shredder | Shredmaster HD | Triminator HEAVY-DUTY CANNABIS & HEMP WASTE SHREDDERS. Order Now. ShredMaster HD are industrial grade, high capacity shredders for cannabis and CBD hemp material size reduction and material homogenization for better drying throughput. Effortlessly shred wet and dry material to 5/16" output size.

Futurola Super Cannabis Shredder and Destemmer

Triminator ShredMaster 3 Hemp and Cannabis Plant Waste Shredder . $21,775.00. Triminator ShredMaster 5 Hemp and Cannabis Plant Waste Shredder . $22,750.00. Overview; Specifications; Videos; Reviews; Parts; FREE SHIPPING. $5,995.00 As low as $194/month. Please select. Leave this field blank. You're so close! To get the best price, we need a ... 16 Best Weed Grinders 2021 - Top Herb Grinders for Marijuana Jan 27, 2021 · These 16 weed grinders—most of them with four pieces to grind marijuana bud, sift pollen, and store the results—are available online and fit any budget.

High Yield Solutions

Aug 14, 2020 · – Cannabis Shredding Solution – Medical Plant Waste Shredders efficiently shred medicinal cannabis plants, medical plant root balls, medicine plant stems, medical plant stalks, and hemp plant waste. Great for post harvest & flower processing. Learn More. Dual Shaft Shredders. Shredders, Grinders and Shredder Systems for Recycling Industrial shredders for waste products play a key role in waste management and recycling in today’s manufacturing and disposal industries. They may also be practical for other businesses or business communities, after careful consideration of security, waste management costs and the importance of lowering environmental impact.

Ameri-Shred MJ-21010-Farm and Cannabis Shredder

NEW! Introducing the MJ-21010 Dual Shaft Cannabis Shredder. Lease for as low as $574 mo. Nothing down. No payments for 90 days. Instant approval. The MJ-21010 is the newest offering from Ameri-shred and is specifically designed to shred the waste produced in the marijuana ... Shredders - Cannabis Harvesting Solutions The powerful, high torque MJ-21001 shredder will finely and quietly reduce plants, solid waste, cardboard, and more. It has a reputation for efficiently reducing bulk waste into more manageable volumes. The MJ-21001 shredder will process complete cannabis plants, including roots ...

Cannabis & Hemp Shredders

CANNABIS & HEMP WASTE SHREDDERS. Shredder Models. Triminator shredders are designed to grind whole plants, flowers, stalks, leaves, and other waste into an unrecognizable format. With an output size of 5/16" Shredmasters can also be used for size reduction for pre-rolls, extraction, or for dryer inputs. Cannabis & Hemp Shredders | Cannabis Waste, Hemp Biomass Shredder Models Triminator shredders are designed to grind whole plants, flowers, stalks, leaves, and other waste into an unrecognizable format. With an output size of 5/16" Shredmasters can also be used for size reduction for pre-rolls, extraction, or for dryer inputs. Shredmasters can shred fresh and dry materials.

Shredders and Grinders

Metso Waste’s pre-shredders and fine shredders are designed to turn municipal solid waste into the right grain size to be screened and sorted faster and more accurately and to be later utilized in other applications such as energy production. West Salem Machinery manufactures various grinding and shredding machines used for size reduction. Weed Grinders: A 2021 Buyer's Guide to the Best Dry Herb Best 3-Piece Weed Grinder. Santa Cruz Shredder 3-Piece Grinders are an excellent choice for those who want a separate compartment for their ground herb. The Medium 54mm 3-Piece Shredder is an excellent choice for those with moderate amounts of bud to shred.. Need more room? At 70mm, their Large 3-Piece Shredder is spacious enough without being considered ...

Plant Shredders

Cannabis Waste & Hemp Shredder 1HP & 3HP. Sold Out Call for pricing . Medical Plant Waste Shredder 100/300 lbs/hr Product Codes: MJ-21001/MJ-21003 Medical Plant Waste Shredders efficiently shred medicinal plants, medical plant root ... How To Handle Cannabis Waste Legally | Cannabis Industry Jul 01, 2016 · How To Handle Cannabis Waste Legally July 1, 2016 Whether professional growers are producing dried buds or collecting resin for extraction, the steps of harvesting and processing create by-products and waste that must be disposed of according to all applicable regulations.

Cannabis and Hemp Waste Biomass Shredders For Sale

Commercial cannabis and hemp waste biomass shredders for sale at Trimleaf. Get efficient disposal cannabis and cbd hemp waste. Insurance included on all waste shredders. Industrial & Commercial Waste Solutions | Komar Industries Waste Solutions. Komar offers a complete line of industrial waste solutions from shredding, compacting, and feeding equipment to handle a wide variety of applications. Choose from our standard products or let our experienced engineering staff design a custom industrial waste solution to fit your specific application.

All our shredders have earned the reputation for efficiency, durability and reliability and come with the support of our service and inventory for many years of hassle free operation.

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