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Jun, 08 2019
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SDIER Machinery offers customized shredding and crushing/granulating solutions. The solutions provided by SDIER are well recognized by customers and are widely used in the treatment and recycling of various solid wastes.

Compared with our competitors, SDIER's equipment advantages are durability and reliability, while taking into account cost performance.

The solutions we provide have a wide range of material applicability and high production capacity, which have been widely proven all over the world.

We have a wealth of product information and customer cases, you are welcome to contact us to obtain them. We design plans and manufacturing equipment based on the types of materials. We cannot give a quotation online. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Single Shaft Shredder

These size reduction systems can be used to recycle plastic waste so that it is reusable by breaking plastic down into uniform, standardized particles. The single shaft shredder design is a more appropriate choice when a consistent particle size is needed. Industrial shredders can be paired with a used granulator for a shredding/grinding line. Machines - Precious Plastic Library - Unofficial precious plastic machines tutorials shredder extrusion injection bazar wiki filament mold molding diy

Precious Plastic Shredder - Pro

Aug 13, 2020 · Precious Plastic Shredder - Pro Type: Shredder Version: 4.1 Machines :: Shredder :: Shredder Kits :: The 21 Shredder Track my order(s) Sign in Create an Account. E-mail

Metal Shredder Manufacturer for Recycling, Remelting, Size

Shredders are commonly used to remove airspace, increase density, reduce transportation costs and improve pricing. ALUMINUM. Baled UBCs, sheet, taint tabor, slitter balls, coils, siding, HRB bales, wheels, extrusions, radiators and more. These are all applications where SSI shredders have been widely used to process, liberate, densify and ... Plastic Shredder - Plastic Bottle Shredder Manufacturer Plastic Shredder If you’re looking for plastic shredders, you’re at the right delivers the absolute best plastic size reduction machinery – period. We make that statement based on experience. SASCO has created a line of plastics shredders that meets virtually all plastics processing challenges including industrial plastic scrap, with over 300 configurations tailored ...

Shredder Box - Precious Plastic Library

After building and fixing a dozen of shredders, it’s time to share our observations for the v3 precious plastic shredder. This guide is intended for machine builders with good equipment and we are aiming to get the max. precision, rigidity and durability out of this design. It’s important to make it precise as possible. 55 Gal. Blue Industrial Plastic Drum-PTH0933 - The Home Depot 50 Gal. Eco Rain Barrel with Plastic Spigot The ECO Barrel allows you to explore all The ECO Barrel allows you to explore all the opportunities that fresh, soft and free rainwater have to offer with the RTS Home Accents 50 Gal. rain barrel. Made with 100% recycled plastic, our authentic oak barrel texture is molded into each barrel and will not fade, rot or risk insect infestation.

Precious plastic SHREDDER improvements

Precious plastic SHREDDER improvements P.J. Hinten May 8th 2017 ... transparent plastic Size is such that humans cant reach the knifes. Positioned over the engine to keep footprint of the machine small. IMPROVEMENTS 16 Bottles can still fall through, the large hopper also functions as a Precious Plastic goes to Kenya - Pilot #1 This is over + 1year compressed in a video. All the details and information like money + things we learned can be found on our website. https://preciousplast...

Machines :: Shredder :: Shredder Kits

United Kingdom (Great Britain) Precious plastic Shredder - 10mm plates, 5mm sieve included, designed to increase strength. 32mm hexagon shaft of stainless steel. Start an Extrusion Workspace to Recycle ... - Precious Plastic Shredder Extrusion Sheetpress Injection Mix Collection Community Machine Shop. Starterkits. extrusion. ... Dimensions 1500x600x1550 MM. Electricity 400V / 16AMP /5KW. Outcome. ... Or just get Precious Plastic to do it for you! Build it yourself. Buy from Precious Plastic.

Extrusion & Shredder Combo ‘Zoe’

Precious Plastic - Machine : Shredder_extrusion_combo :: Extrusion & Shredder Combo ‘Zoe’ Calculations Required for Shredder - Dave Hakkens I don’t think you can just scale up the Precious Plastic shredder and expect to be able to shred cars with it. The hex shaft in particular would be a poor choice for a machine of this size, it’s used on the PP shredder because it’s convenient, cheap and readily available. In reply to: Calculations Required for Shredder. tunnukumar. new.

Machines :: Shredder :: Shredder Kits :: The 21 Shredder

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Design and Production of Plastic Shredder

This video explain our project, we build the plastic shredder machine for shred a plastic into small pieces, then it will be used for composite board. We sti... Plastic Shredder - CoMakingSpace Wiki The shredder is the first machine we are building for the Precious Plastic project as all the other machines require small, somewhat uniform pieces of plastic as their raw material. We should remember to take some photos with each step, so that we can put together a nice build log like this one in the end!

All our shredders have earned the reputation for efficiency, durability and reliability and come with the support of our service and inventory for many years of hassle free operation.

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