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We design plans and configure equipment according to different materials and requirements

Each Industrial Shredder produced by SDIER Machineryconsists of heavy-duty materials chosen to handle even the most demanding shredding jobs. Even when handling large jobs, our SDIER Machinerys accumulate low wear, generate low noise, low dust, and low vibration, while being super high in torque! Our goal is to create solutions for people who look to get the most out of the materials they typically handle throughout their days. We create an opportunity for additional revenue streams through the reduction of materials to their simplified forms. SDIER Machinery’s Shredders are the newest addition to the full line of size reduction technologies. We strive to design and build our machinery to be the most versatile dual shaft shredders in the industry, easily handling any material you throw at it. To learn more about shredders, contact us.

Twin Shaft Shredder: SDIER Machinery Double Shaft Shredder Machine featured with two rotary cutting shafts is also popular as twin shaft shredder, two rotor shredder or two shear shredder. This kind of shredder has very wide shredding applications.

Single Shaft Shredder: SDIER Machinery Single Shaft Shredder Machine is a versatile shredding machine which covers a wide range of shredding applications.

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